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Mission Statement

The Louisiana Tech University School of Theatre provides comprehensive training in the fields of performance, dance, movement, stage combat, playwriting, stage management, design, theatre technology and arts management which connects the broad spectrum of historical and contemporary issues related to art and craft; and in promoting the relationship between theory and practice, prepares professionals and teachers for leadership in national and international culture and art for the twenty first century.

The School seeks to disseminate knowledge in five ways.

  • First, we introduce students in the University’s general education courses to the art and craft of theatre, dance, movement, playwriting, stage management and arts management and to creative opportunities available within each discipline.
  • Second, we educate undergraduate majors about the place of the performing arts in society, their history, processes, techniques, and skills.  Students then can graduate not as specialists but as broadly educated individuals prepared to enter many professions, including careers in music, theatre, dance, movement, playwriting, stage management and arts management and education. We expect those who continue in the performing arts to seek further training.
  • Third, we educate graduate students in theatre to become creative, skilled, and knowledgeable theatre scholars and artists with attention given to refined judgment and critical ability.
  • Fourth, we expose the University community to performing arts events that are of the highest artistic merit.
  • Fifth, we share with audiences and artists throughout the country new works developed at Louisiana Tech.

The School is committed to providing our students with a world context for viewing and appreciating the performing arts.  Every effort will be made to expose our students to the expanse of performing arts as practiced throughout the world and within varied cultures.

Statement of Purpose

The purposes of the School of Theatre are to educate and train artists of the theatre and to provide for its students a foundation of professionalism and dedication to their art within a climate of diversity, discovery, and risk.

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