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*Note: This page concerns auditions for shows in the School of Theatre. For those interested in auditioning for our program, check out the "Scholarships and Graduate Assistantships" section of our website by clicking here.

The School of Theatre mainstage auditions are open to anyone who would like to come!

Majors and minors are expected to have material prepared ahead of time (unless otherwise specified). Students, faculty, staff, and community members who are not affiliated with the School of Theatre are welcome to come, an material will be provided for you to read for your audition. ALL are welcome!!


Church and State by Jason Odell Williams

April 27 - May 2

For Church and State auditions, the Department of Theatre will be taking every precaution possible to combat the spread of COVID-19 for our students, faculty, and community. For that purpose, our audition process will look different for this production.

 Auditions will be a one-minute monologue in the style of or an excerpt from the play. Please record this audition in a well-lit and quiet space, and upload it to YouTube. If you are concerned about others seeing this audition tape, YouTube has an option to make your video “Unlisted.” This will allow you to share the link with us in your audition form while the video is not discoverable on the platform itself. Scripts are available for check-out in HCPA 204.

 Once you have recorded and posted your audition tape, you will need to fill out the audition form, which you can access on Google Docs here:

 Audition forms will be due by January 11, 2021, by 6 PM. If you are asked to return for callbacks, you will be contacted no later than midnight on that night by email. Callbacks will be held throughout the day on January 12 through Zoom. If you are asked to return for callbacks, you will be contacted by the stage management staff via email. That email will include the scenes you need to be familiar with before your Zoom audition session and the time your scheduled time.

 The cast list will be announced on the morning of January 13, 2021, and there will be a staged reading of the play that night via Zoom.

 Break a leg!

Download the Audition Information Packet here!


Cast Description

SENATOR CHARLES "CHARLIE" WHITMORE: (R - NC): Male. 40s-50s. Born and raised

in North Carolina, he is a former State Senator, now incumbent Junior U.S. Senator, up

for re-election. His father was Governor of NC for many years before he died. Charlie's

two older brothers are Congressmen in NC. Though not gunning for it himself, the

party is grooming Charlie for a Presidential run in a few years. Charlie is a man filled

with doubt. But he has plenty of charisma and sex appeal. He's a rare honest politician

and gifted public speaker.

SARA WHITMORE: Female. 40s. Charlie's wife. A big, brassy, former real estate agent,

now a stay-at-home mom to their boys MATTHEW (9, athletic and fearless) and LUKE

(6, artistic and sensitive). She is sweet, charming, and instantly likable. Even when she's

bossing you around, she does it with an irresistible smile. More "street smart" than

"book smart," but can still hold her own with the big boys. Also born and raised in North

Carolina. Loves her family, Jesus and the Bible. She's a tough southern woman with soft


ALEX KLEIN: Female. 30s-40s. Charlie's campaign manager. A fast-talking,

no-nonsense liberal Jew from New York whose star is on the rise as a go-to campaign

manager. Hired by the Whitmore campaign so she wouldn't defeat him working for the

other side. She is great at her job, but knows her career is on the line if this election

goes badly. Her self-doubt bubbles to the surface at times, but she's clearly a

professional at the top of her game.

*TOM: Male. 20s-30s. An NC State graduate and North Carolina boy

through-and-through. He is more "country," and a paid intern with the campaign. Simple

with a good heart.

*MARSHALL: Male. 20s-30s. More of a "southern gentleman." He is a blogger with

Christian values but not much journalistic experience.

*REPORTER: Male. 20s-30s. A smart, charming on-the-scene news reporter.

*SECURITY GUY: Male. 20s-30s. A typical non-speaking bodyguard.


pre-taped by actors in the cast or others.

* Roles can be combined depending on directors casting choices



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