2023-2024 Season

2023 Fall Theatre Festival
Conversations: A Festival of Original Student Works
October 24-28, 2023

Fall Theatre Festival - #conversation(s)

A festival of original work created, directed, designed, and managed by student artists. This year’s theme is #conversation(s), a prompt to encourage collaborative student-centered exploration of diverse themes, breaking barriers, and engaging audiences in conversations that promote understanding and social change. Theatre is a catalyst for dialogue that empowers young artists and encourages the growth of vibrant and inclusive communities.


Down the Road
By Lee Blessing
January 30 - February 4, 2024

Directed by Andrew Ray.

A husband and wife writing team are hired to interview and write an account of the crimes of a convicted serial killer. This begins a long journey of introspection, examination, celebrity, communication, and the ethics of choice. Bill Reach has admitted to murders of nineteen women, but there may have been more. Over many weeks of interviews, the couple - Dan and Iris Henniman - grow more and more uncertain of the ethics of what they are doing. Are they simply relating terrifying events, or are they helping the readers consume assault, murder, and mutilation as if they are consuming any other product of our society?

Content warnings for this production are language, graphic descriptions of sexual assault.


Soul Samurai
By Qui Nguyen
April 30 - May 5, 2024

In a darkly awesome future, New York's boroughs have grown too dangerous to police. Shoguns reign, vampires infest Brooklyn, and most terrifying of all, it's still stylistically the '70s. After losing her lover to some undead hoodlums, Dewdrop gets herself a training montage, a sidekick, and sets off for revenge. Explosively funny nonsense ensues. Soul Samurai has the complexity of a graphic novel, though it hasn't sacrificed its zinelike homemade sweetness.

Content warning: Adult Situations and simulated Blood and Gore



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